January 12, 2006

GIS Job - GIS webmap contractor needed for Gulf of Mexico webmap project

This request for a mapping contractor came through to us at GISuser --  We need your help on finding a programmer that can help us put a interative map on the web. We are a small company that provides flight following to helicopter companies in the gulf of mexico. We would like to field a map that would show the gulf of mexico oil lease blocks and have overlaid on that the helicopter positions from our live data base and also weather. Please let me know if you know of an individual or small company that could do that with us. Details: contract work, map IMS to be run out of Houston, TX. End result will be a dynamic living map with around 5 levels of over lay with at least 2 levels being live data being continuosly forwarded to the maping server -- Contact: DataFlyt Software maps-at-dataflyt.com - ref: GISuser contract webmapper.

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