January 15, 2006

More on MSNIndia, virtual earth, and Digital Geographics

Looking a bit deeper at some PR that Microsoft issued last week (see http://www.lbszone.com/content/view/678/2/), part of the project billed at MSRIndia (Microsoft Research India) involves developing a web-based map of India with multi-lingual and community features - the project looks pretty interesting and detailed. A topic are in the Project's areas of research include something ther refer to as Digital Geographics - analysis, and visualization of digitized geographic information (see http://research.microsoft.com/research/dgr/). The project will look to expand purpose driven navigation and the integration of maps and blogs (ie. integrating virtual earth and MSN spaces) - more on this can be found in this blog billed as "the loblog" http://loblog.viavirtualearth.com/loblog/. Finally, in the project's career area I noticed a position titled Researcher Digital Geographics. You academics interested in getting in on the research may find this of interest. For more about MSRIndia jump to http://research.microsoft.com/india/
See also http://research.microsoft.com/virtualindia/

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