January 15, 2006

Multi-tasking with football, google video, and webpronews

I'm now well into my 5th hour of watching football today and have been multi-tasking as well by searching out blogs and items of interest. Additionally, I've been beefing up the migration of my weblog over to the my.opera community (the blog is being mirrored there until I decide to go one way or the other). Between yelling and screaming, crying (my Colts went down today but oh, what a come back!... condolences go out to Lynn Allen, Autodesk evangelist who is likely heart-broken today by the devastating loss in Indy) responding to emails, and making a call to New Zealand, I've also stumbled onto a few very cool things... one - Google video (http://video.google.com) a cool service from Google that enables registered users to post video, tag them with keywords, etc... could be a very cool way to share your tutorials, product demos, vodcasts, or what have you... search using"gis" for a test video I uploaded using images from the ESRI user conference... I seem some great opportunities with this nifty app. Finally, in searching for "myself" i stumbled onto some material I published which has been picked up by WebProNews without realizing it (see http://www.webpronews.com/blogtalk/blogtalk/wpn-58-20060111SearchforMapServices.html)! Pretty neat and definitely shows you the power of exponential growth in traffic on the web... aslo confirms the benefits of getting mentioned in the blog or at GISuser.com. Later... go Sea Hawks! Note: it's always a good idea to google "yourself" to see what's out there... it's amazing what you can find;0)

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