February 28, 2006

ESRI Developer Summit - Keynotes to include execs from ESRI, Microsoft, and IBM

A reminder from ESRI points out that the First annual Dev Summit is only 17 days away. Normally I would blast off to such an event but this year I've opted to hang out at home on March 17th for a change so I can celebrate my kids birthdays - ya that's right.. 2 of them have St. Patrick's Day birthdays on the 17th - as a result, a ski trip is on the horizon instead of the usual requisite March trip to an event (March is always the start of a busy travel season!). Speakers lined up to keynote the event include ESRI's Scott Morehouse (ESRI Director of Research and Development),  as well as reps from IBM and Microsoft. More info can be found at http://www.esri.com/events/devsummit/index.html

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