February 28, 2006

netomat's Free Service Adds Mobile Power to Flickr

Are you a flickr user? Do you moblog from your smart phone? Check this out... netomat, Inc announced today that its free netomat hub service (www.netomat.net) is optimized for Flickr, the online photo management and sharing application, to deliver Flickr updates with images and text to mobile phones. To receive Flickr updates simply sign up with netomat and click "Start a hub" Members can then choose the netomat Flickr news feed or start a new hub with the unique RSS 2.0 or Atom feed link found at the bottom of each Flickr group page. The new content will then be sent to members' mobile phones, PCs or both, whichever they prefer.  netomat hub also seamlessly integrates multiple essential services for real-time group communication on mobile phones and PCs. This includes picture and text messaging with presence, trusted social networking, RSS syndication, digital photo storage and update alerts.  Sounds kind a cool and since I'm an avid Flickr users and smartphone (Nokia 6680 & 7610) user this could be a nifty solution. Another tip... those of you interested in moblogging from your camrephone might also check out Shozu (www.shozu.com) the service is very cool and optimized to save you on data throughput (and hefty charges!)

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