March 22, 2006

Google Earth Flying Cars.. the perfect traffic generator!

The amazing power of Google earth to entice traffic... I always get a chuck when non-news is picked up on by the mainstream media and mass hysteria persists for several weeks afterwards. For example, recall the mysterious flying car in Google earth a few weeks back... unless you were vacationing for the summer in Antarctica you couldn't have missed this one. Well, here we go again! Enter the "Flyin Globe" this time to get things rolling. Apparently they are convinced that another car is floating mysteriously. They proceed to post an image along with a KMZ file and related link to Google Maps. then the Sydney Morning Herald  "reports" on the "news" and now all hell breaks lose. Online publication TMCnet has now picked it up and I assure you that others will follow suit. The allure here is the overwhelming temptation to have such buzzwords as "Google Earth" in your news headlines and meta tags in order to garner more web traffic, banner ad impressions, etc... If you really want to see this "news" for yourself you can jump here - or simply trek to the following lat/long 32 06 42.54 s 115 45 53.17 e and see for yourself!

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