March 22, 2006

ZoneTag grabs your cell tower geographic coordinates and flickr tags your photos for your moblog

Some of you avid readers of this blog will know that I'm interested in symbian smartphones and frequently share information about tools and applications of interest to mobile bloggers. Today I picked up on a cool app called zoneTag which is used to facilitate moblogging from Symbian series 60 devices (like the spanky Nokia N70) to your flickr moblog. Some of you US-based readers will be fortunate enough to try this application, however, when I went to actually use it I was once again disappointed to find out that it was only supported in the US and even worse, only then supported by a couple of mobile service plans and only by several Nokia devices (actually my device was on the list!) ... gee - there's a surprise! This is a really common problem in the mobile space as inter carrier operability and application development across the board is pretty much non-existent. Yahoo! even has some cool mobile tools but once again is limited in supported platforms and carriers. I guess until then I'll keep looking and hoping for more apps supported north of 49 degrees latitude and enabled by my Rogers plan. For details about Zonetag (the application tags your photos with the geographic coordinates of your nearest cell tower) see There's also a pointer here to a cool moblog app called Shozu which is designed to save you data charges when uploaded photos from your phone... nice!

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