August 30, 2006

1.4 million geotagged flickr images?

Recall I mentioned yesterday about the addition of geotagging to the flickr functionality.. well, apparently there's been more than 1.4 million photos geotagged in the past 2 days alone... wow! Obviously this is a very desirable feature. HEre's a reminder about the how to video - Are you a flickr fan and in the Seattle area? How about attending the Seattle flickr meetup?


Frank Taylor said...

I think the Flickr mapping tool is a great stride forward. However, I don't think the 1.4 million number represents photos geotagged just by users. Apparently Flickr is taking tags like "New York City" and geo-referencing photos according to the tag. After reviewing closely, during the last 24 hours, many of the georeferenced photos seem to be done in this fashion.

Eduardo Manchon said...

Another explanation for this huge number can be that Flickr "misused" the concept "geotagging".

In Flickr Organizer most of the people just drag and drop a bunch of photos over the map without zooming. Later when you watch the map with close zoom Flickr doesn't show you photos geolocated without zooming because they will be clearly mislocated.

That means the photos are not really geotagged, because they actually don't have accurate coordinates, they can't be shown in the exact location.

Flickr Map interface is brilliant, but I believe they were cheating a little bit using the word "geotagged".