August 05, 2006

AnyGeo Feedburner and RSS feeds - a reminder and some blogging resources

Someone reminded me of this when I moved the blog back here to Blogger from Opera's hosted solution... the best way to keep tabs on a weblog is to subscribe to it via Feedburner - that way, the next time I decide to move you'll have a trail! See - not familiar with feedburner yet? Well, since you visit blogs then you need to be... check it out! Our anygeo RSS feed is also available for your convenience at - not sure what to do with that? Well, check out tools like and you can very easily add this feed and any other to your website. Another handy tool... Bloglines - see our bloglines feed at - this is another great tool! And last but not least, another great resource for keeping tab of this blog and many others is Technorati - see Other news/blog aggregation tools include myYahoo! RSS (eg. and the ability to add updates to your my Google homepage (eg.

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