August 09, 2006

ArcGIS fundamentals and what's new in 9.2

From Clint Brown's session – ArcGIS fundamentals and
what’s new in 9.2 and the geodatabase.

Goal in development of ArcGIS 9.2– a desktop system
for professional GIS users. Made up of applications,
developer tools, and data - supporting Desktop,
Server, Developer, mobile GIS

With the desktop, design, edit, model, deploy
Clients: Professonal GIS, web maps, ArcGIS explorer
maps, custom (embedded) maps, mobile maps.

Geodatabase storage – personal; file; ArcSDE GDB;
GeoDB XML – this year, pay attention to the file
Geodatabase (a tip) stored in a folder, up to 1 TB,
any platform, single editor and a few readers.

Shipping ArcSDE with ArcEditor & ArcInfo – you’ll also
get MS SQL server express
Inside ArcCatalog are al the tools needed to setup SQL
Server Geodatabases
- Also new at 9.2 is personal and workgroup ArcSDE
- Also a way to represent the full Geodatabase schema
as XML
- Geodatabase setup to work with multiple versions and
maintain versioning and manage history(s)
- Maintain multiple copies and to manage and
synchronize copies (eg. Update police data more
frequently than other departments)

What’s new in ArcGIS 9.2
- shipping fall 2006
- responding to trends in GIS
o making GIS easier to use – improved docs, addressing
issues and problems (ie. Added functionality to mouse
buttons and wheels, keystroke shortcuts)
o locational accuracy is increasing (higher res, new
sensors, GPS accuracy, richer content.
o A high-precision framework for data management and
integration (a higher precision GeoDB (useful for
cadastral workflows, raster georeferencing, terrain
o Enterprise spatial data management (SQL access to
the GeoDB, a variety of distributed editing and
synchronization environments like desktop, web,
mobile, custom, open)
o GIS modeling and spatial analysis – enhancements
with many modeling tools, workflow automation
o Visualization in 2D, 3D, and over time – creating
compelling visualizations using Globes, charts,
animations, etc… support time series modeling data
o Enhancements to map finishing and printing – tools
for generalization, PDF creation and layering, webmap
publishing, better rules-based symbology and symbol
rotation… many automated cartographic tools.
o Addressing trends in mobile GIS with smart clients
(ArcPad) enabling better synchronization with the
enterprise. Some solutions include: Trimble’s Geo
Collector, Go Sync MapBook, Redline

- support for new GIS computing platforms (web,
server) with a price point attractive to all
- make it easier and fun to use and apply GIS**
- provide important new capabilities
- responding to users’ issues
- provide a framework for meeting GIS trends
- high coordinate precision
- map projections and coordinate mgmt for raster and
- new cadastral editor for survey analyst
- manage massive sets of measurements
- geoprocessing on servers
- ArcGIS Image server will come with 9.2 – currently
in beta
- Enhanced data format support (WMS, KML ,DXF, GML

End of Clint's discussion... stay tuned for more on
9.2 later

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