August 09, 2006

Overheard at ESRI UC - It's Cool To Know Where You Are

Some quotes and things we've heard (and overheard) at the ESRI UC... my favorite... It's Cool To Know Where you Are. I heard this great line mentioned by a couple of people in reference to the fact that everyone is into mapping and knowing where you are. Once you know your coordinates you can find out some really cool information.
Other things overheard:
- ArcGIS is becoming more affordable
- “I have a guy in my area that won’t upgrade from ArcView 3x”
- ESRI “suggested” that a county to not display their GE application in the Defence Industry showcase on the exhibition hall
- I think a lot of you will be collecting LIDAR soon
- Google Earth is a kind of basemap
- If you haven’t already moved to the geodatabse then 9.2 is the time to do it
- At 9.2 the cad conversion capabilities are REALLY strong
- Trimble’s new GeoCollector – everything you need to get up and running with mobile GIS – out of the box

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