August 10, 2006

Back from the ESRI UC

Just a quick note to update the blog with news that I just got back home. Luckily I didn't caught up in any of the hoopa associated with the new FAA rules that went into play today (re. liquids on plane). I've got a bit of unpacking to deal with and will be going over a crapload of notes, updating etc... I have loads of goodies to discuss after the event, I only wish I could have stayed for a couple more days. The Thursday night basj should be a good one tonight.. looking forward to seeing a few pics float around the blogosphere later this week. On a side note, kudos to the dumb-ass from Tipcell for managing to bombard our user forums with crap over the past couple of days... I'm looking forward to thinking up some ways that I can freak out their mail server so if you have any ideas please let me know. In the interim, here's the tipcell jokester's info if you'd like to block his IP from your site or maybe sign up his email addresses for a ton of junk mail etc... mail: sales@tipcell.comname: keiresingMSN: Tel: 00862084401688ICQ: 239470786 -- GOD I HATE THESE PRANKSTERS.. can you tell? Hopefully I won't hear much more from him but somehowe I won't hold my breath. Still at the ESRI UC and want to see some cool stuff on the floor... I suggest you make the following stops before you leave: Sanz Earthware (very cool image provisioning app), OCe Plotter (talk about a cost effective workhorse!), ArcGIS Explorer at the ESRI ARcIMS pod. Looking for some images from San Diego? Check out the ESRI UC 26 section now with 100+ photos - see

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