August 09, 2006

Session Notes - Usability enhancements in ArcGIS at 9

From the waht's new at 9.2 session... The Biggest complaint regarding usability was that it required too many mouse clicks to do something. Within ArcMap ESRI has repaired some 600 issues with a strive for consistency across all applications. Hundreds of new shortcuts added for faster navigation Some of the other fixes you'll find waiting for you in 9.2 include:
- added support for the mouse-wheel. Drag map and scroll to zoom in/out. Right click context menu with many shortcuts.
- Customize where the full extent action takes you. Very useful if publishing to the web as that property is adopted and applied to your data properties.
- Birds-eye map viewer window – view your window with none of the ArcMap “stuff” around it. Very useful for those of you with dual monitor workstations!
- Easily add your own scales into the scale control dialog – automatically converts your units to a common format
- Very easy to annotate your maps with locations and coordinates
- More robust measurement tool, supports many units, click on any feature and retrieve the area in any unit desired.
- Simple access to tabular data. View very large field contents, easy turn on/off data fields to see only what you need.
- Easy to calculate area of a feature via calculate geometry dialog – also ability to add unit abbreviation characters into the field for labeling.
- Select multiple features to create subsets of your data, simple add/remove ability.
- Online documentation with flash animations of what’s coming – see homepage for article on What’s new in 9.2 (220+ pages as a PDF)
- New search engine supporting documentation

Making great looking maps (without using other apps)
- added intelligent, reactive symbology
- improved productivity
- more control over symbols
- customize symbology to individual features and drive the symbology by attributes of data
- graphic conflict detection according to pre-defined rules
- expanded animation capabilities
- multi-dimensional support for NetCDF – commonly used format for use with oceanographic and hydrologic data modeling
- Improved 3D usability with new geoprocessing tools, addition of terrains and a terrain data format, and 3D visualization improvements.


Ryan.Arp said...

I just went through ESRI's flash animations for 9.2.

I think the best thing they came up with is the Excel connectivity and the area calcs. Less mouseclicks would be nice, and it looks like ESRI is open to suggestions.

Ken H. said...


great job on documenting all the exciting happenings at the UC!

Other than the ArcGIS Server display, I can't find ArcGIS Explorer up and running anywhere. I also haven't found any Technical Workshops on it. Wouldn't this have been the time to be promoting it even more then some keyboard shortcuts?? I'm surprised at how downplayed it is in the exibition areas.

GISuser said...

actually, funny you say that... apaprently there was a couple of seesions that focused on ArcGIS ecplorer, but it wasn't apparent from the descriptions. For example, there was one session that focused on developers and how they could create models, Globes etc.. for use in ArcGIS Explorer. I also would have thought that there would have been a couple of sessions that were titled something to the effect of "ArcGIS Explorer.. what to expect" etc... but no sign of such a preseor developing for ArcGIS Explorer... pretty weird!