August 15, 2006

A few of my favorite things from last week's ESRI UC

Did you manage to walk around the massive map gallery last week in San Diego at the ESRI UC? If so, did you pick a favorite from the thousands of maps that were on display? Here's a few things that were on my list of favorites which include favorite map, favorite both/exhibitor promotion, favorite pool, favorite plotter etc... What was your favorite map?? See below for a few faves!
Title - Memphis Blues: The fusion of music, science and art!
Favorite Pool - the Marriott of course! I was at Solamar bit this blows their pool away!\
Favorite display - The STM BC Experience was amazing... I have to get down to Victoria to see the big display!
Favorite booth gimmick - Thales and the find your match promo - nice "booth babes" too!
Favorite late-night eating - Gaslamp Pizza by the slice - I've been eating there for years!
Favorite speaker - Every year I try to Catch Clint Brown at least once -- twice this year!
Favorite plotter - This Oce unit rocks... where was this technology when I needed it - all for about $15k too!

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