August 15, 2006

American Surveyor Magazine features The World - a look at RTK GPS technology

American Surveyor Magazine features "The World" a multi-billion dollar land reclamation project... have you seen TAS lately?? If not I encourage you to check out some articles.. even better, register for a free subscription to the magazine (qualified professionals only though). About The World... When completed, this massive island-creation project underway in the Persian Gulf will have added 1,500 kilometers of shoreline to Dubai's existing 70 kilometers. The article delves into some of the challenges and surveying obstacles that face the developer who's using RTK GPS technology to create the landscape... it's a very cool read! American Surveyor Magazine has some great material and typically combines the best of both worlds, technology articles from professional land surveyors for land surveyors, as well as editorial and historical content that will appeal to anyone interested in American history. See the article "Creating Islands" in this month's feature article at

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