August 04, 2006

Pushpin taking aim at Google Maps API

I received this update from the crew at Pushpin LE regarding their mapping API and two new Pushpin features: Rendermap custom tilesets for Google-style maps, and the Dynamic Layers application programming interface (API) for advanced displays of mappable information. These wonderful products will now give developers the ability to precisely control the look and feel of their maps, and to display overlays and underlays that will enable the visual interpretation of demographic, sales and other types of location data that can be displayed on a map. Fully custom Google style tilesets can be designed to order by Placebase cartographers, or by anyone with ESRI ArcMap skills. As a result, customers with their own mapping data, for example aviation maps or real estate parcel maps, can have their own Google style maps pre-rendered, cached and ready to serve to any standard browser. The team will be at at the ESRI UC next week and Pushpin LE With Dynamic Layers will be available on August 7 (to be introduced at the ESRI User Conference in San Diego)  Pricing for the service starts at $2,250 for up to 165,000 map views. See more at

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