August 17, 2006

talking street guides and walking tours

An interesting use of spatial data is becoming even more common with the launch of street walking tours of Seattle, Boston, and Chicago... the tours are delivered to users via their cell phone.Some details... The tours entitled The Boston Audissey: Hidden Sites of Beantown, The Chicago Audissey: An Insider’s Tour with Kevin Coval and The Seattle Audissey: An Insider’s Tour with DJ Michele invite visitors and residents to experience a totally alternative and user-friendly way to explore their favorite cities.  The three tours, produced by Audissey Guides and powered by Talking Street, are available beginning August 15, 2006. For years now we've seen these tours offered at museums and amusement parks, however, porting the tour to the mainstream via cell phones could make this a lucrative market and also drive the demand for spatial data... nice! The price of each tour is $5.95. You can purchase passes at, or get more information, and download a map or iPod/MP3 version of the tour at and

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