September 17, 2006

Google free data crawl updated - LIBRE scores top spot

I have to say it makes me pleasantly happy to see that the ever entrenched "datadepot" has finally been replaced on Google's search crawl when you search for a common term like "free Alaska DRG" - in the olden days a search like this would always turn up the datadepot as the number one hit - actually they would typically yield about the first 3 hits due to the way the site was initially created, using a number of pages all with the same meta tag info that you would have to painfully click through in order to get to your intended destination. Now it seems like other resources which are actually FREE have taken over the top spot... most notable, the LIBRE free DRG map project seems to have secured the number one position for this term for every State... hopefully the data will actually be freely available there in the near future! Also noteworthy (you know i love knocking the datadepot), the depot and their sites appear to have taken a freefall inn the Alexa rankings in the past few months (sweet!) - I'm outta here - PS: a side note.. if you're interested in getting in on a free parlay bet each week for NFL football check out - good luck ;0)

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