September 17, 2006

Free GIS Data GeoBlog

GIS users are always searching for free data sources. There's plenty of them out there but locating them can be a challenge. Many of you know that we already have hundreds of pointers to great free data repositories listed in some of the directories and articles hosted at In an effort to share all the great pointers that we have I've started migrating pointers to some of the best free GIS data resources in a new blog - aka. the Free GIS Data blog - look forward to the best of the best making their way to this directory and feel free to suggest additions. Categories will make searching the blog a breeze with geographic tags (ie. State name or country) and by data type (ie. DRG). hopefully this resource will be useful to the community and I look forward to it growing nicely in the near future. The focus of the data resources will initially be on US data sources (ie. places where you can grab free DRGs and DOQQs) but there's also some great Global data resources as well. Bookmark


Leszek said...

It seems to me that a moderated wiki would be a better choice for this kind of resource than a blog. Categorization would be easier, as would tagging, but most importantly, you could have users adding and modifying resources. A blog would be a useful adjunct to this, highlighting new and interesting additions, but for the actual resource, a wiki is the way to go.

GISuser said...

I suppose it would although there are many advantages to using the blog interface (ie. ease of posting, simple admin, comments, etc...) Regardless, there is one such wiki at for DRG... cheers