September 18, 2006

Manhattan Story Mashup - the urban photo hunt

Manhattan Story Mashup is an urban game, taking place on September 23rd 2006 in Manhattan, New York City. During the event, approximately 250 players will move around Manhattan, taking photos which match a given target. Targets are words from stories, written by you and other visitors on this web site collaboratively while the game goes on. The resulting illustrated stories are shown on large public signs in Times Square in real-time and on the website at
Manhattan Story Mashup is organized by SensorPlanet, a Nokia Research Center -initiated research program on large-scale sensor networks. See also the behind the scenes pages at More about the event from Nokia Research... The objective of the game is to build stories in a collaborative fashion: the players take pictures while wandering around Manhattan, triggered by the keywords picked up by the participants on the web. The collected pictures and the keywords are eventually lined up to form several tiny stories, presented as the final outcome of the game in one of the large displays at Times Square. See

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