October 14, 2006

$2 million to update and maintain USGS website!

Oh man, talk about a nice score... the USGS has recently awarded a contract for $2 mill to a company to revamp and maintain their website... maybe I'm missing something here but holy crap, sounds like alot of dough... I'm sure somme of you would like to have a piece of this one! Mind-you, they do operate numerous sites so no doubt there's much more to this than simply designing and updating a little website. I'll be really curious to see what $2 million worth of website will provide... no doubt some skookum webmapping services etc... more on this at FCW - see also the PR here

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Anonymous said...

I doesn't sound like it's for their whole website. I think the USGS website looks great actually. From everything I've read it sounds like they're going to build a place to sell all of their maps, publications and other products in one location. It's a pain to find a map right now on their site...it would make sense for them to build something like that.