October 14, 2006

Testing geocoder US and the Yahoo! Maps Web Services - AJAX API

Killing a bit of time here while watching a little NCAA football this morning, I ran into some info from the Yahoo Local weblog. I decided to request an application ID and test out how long it would take for me to create a simple little map using ylocal. The App Id request took me about 5 seconds once I signed into my yahoo account (don't have one yet??? where have you been!) I then grab a little bit of sample code provided by a tutorial describing how to get started with the Yahoo! AJAX API - see here. In no time I simply substitute my ID for the generic one listed in the sample and voila. I can now easily resize and re-center my map and the updates are reflected on my web page. All I need now is to geocode an address and reposition my map... this is easily done using the app provided at http://geocoder.us/. Let's see now if I can place the map here within the blog... hopefully blogger will accept the code... oops.. looks like I can't embed the map within the blog post, however, I do have an html page that I could easily add to a website. I have to wonder if Google doesn't allow Yahoo! maps to be embedded within their apps.. ie. like this blogger weblog!Given that it took me about one minute to create I could easily start messing around and customizing the map if i was to dig deeper into the sample code and tutorials. See http://ylocalblog.com and try for yourself. Register your API app and get a code

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