October 31, 2006

Amanda Congdon and AmandaAcrossAmerica chats with Guy Kawasaki

Amanda Congdon, video blogger, actress, and much more has recently added a video interview with one of my favorite evangelists, Guy Kawasaki. I know, where's the geo in this? No worries, its not strictly a geo thing, however, its down-right interesting and cool! AnyGeo reader Andy tipped me off about his post (thanks again Andy) and I had to rethink a bit what I could recall about Amanda. Sure, there's the eye-candy factor, however, she's also one of the most well known video casters on the web - she's also appeared on CSI so she must be pretty damned cool! Amandy hosts the video cast on her blog AmandaAcrossAmerica, which notably uses a Google mashup UI... nice touch (that's provided by Mapbuilder.net). If you have 10 minutes to kill today sit back and listen to Guy... he's a great motivator and holds a wealth of knowledge about many things including venture capital funding, the art of the start up, PR, marketing, business 2.0, the web, blogging, and hockey! I've met Guy and even got a signed copy of his latest book a while back (thanks again Guy)... enjoy the video cast and bookmark Amanda and Guy's blog! Gee, maybe one day I can get an interview with Amanda!!! I won't hold my breath though ;0) See http://amandacongdon.com/america/ & http://blog.guykawasaki.com/

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