October 31, 2006

A good read - GIS for the urban environment, ESRI Press

I haven't had time yet to do a full-blown review, however, I have skimmed briefly a new title from ESRI Press and its pretty darned awesome! Anyone involved in urban geography, local government and GIS should grab a copy of this, read it, and keep it near your desk! The book starts of with the basics of GIS (even answers what is a map?) and then delves into spatial modeling, data classifcation, data visualization, data sources, and anything that a local government GIS user needs to know. Of particualr interes and setting this book apart from anything else I've seen is the focus on GIS Projects, including the project lifecycle, planning, and project management... nice! The book finishes up with a lengthy discussion on GIS ethics and offers up some excellent case studies. See GIS for the Urban Environment

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