October 31, 2006

Food for thought... Resist assholeholics and the The No Asshole Rule

Speaking of Guy Kawasaki (see post from earlier today), Guy's most recent words of wisdom touch on the topic of being an asshole! This made in reference to a Book Review of The No Asshole Rule by Robert Sutton. In familiar fashion, Guy has me in stitches describing the book and providing a list of what kinds of things make you an asshole! Guy admits to have being one and to have been in contact with a few as well.. I have to admit, I guess I've been one and have definitely known a few as well! For some fun Guy makes a suggestion on how you can come up with your very own Google Asshole ranking where you can guage in relative terms your asshole ranking (my words) - maybe the term "asshole-ocity" would be fitting? Good news... according to the test I'm only a fraction of the asshole that Guy is ;0) Finally, check out Guys tips on how to avoid being an asshole... words of wisdom. I like this one - Resist assholeholics from the start! See http://blog.guykawasaki.com/2006/10/you_have_to_lov.html

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