October 31, 2006

Rules of conduct for the GIS professional

As a GISP you are expected to conduct yourself and your business according to some codes of ethicsc as set up by the "Institute". Just today the GIS Certification Instatute has layed out their Code of Ethics and rules for the conduct of GIS professionals. Among them; We shall acknowledge our errors and shall not distort or alter the facts, All data shall have appropriate metadata documentation sufficient to meet the minimum standard as stated here, When notified of an error in the database, the professional will take action to correct it... if you're in need of some guidelines on how to conduct yourself see details here http://www.gisci.org/rules_of_conduct.htm or see the PR announcement here. If anything, these are some fine business rules that any company would want to strive to adhere to... compliance will no doubt enamour you to your clients!

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Anonymous said...

The PR says: "The GIS Certification Institute (GISCI) has recently unveiled a supplement to its Code of Ethics entitled Rules of Conduct." The code is old - it's been there since the first GISP! The rules are new.

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