October 02, 2006

FortiusOne - new kid on the geospatial block?

Here's some info about a relatively "new kid on the Geospatial block" FortiusOne. FortiusOne (www.fortiusone.com) develops products that analyze infinite realms of data to provide visual maps that help businesses and individuals make better decisions. Applications have included prepare for potential disasters and infrastructure weaknesses. FortiusOne's maps also help companies determine preposition and redeploy their resources to increase profits, minimize damage and maintain production. Individuals can use the maps to garner much more sophisticated knowledge about their region of interest. The company was spun out of George Mason University where FortiusOne founders conducted research on infrastructure security. A little more from the "about the company" section... While at GMU, Dr. Gorman was chosen as a Subject Matter Expert for the U.S. Dept. of Homeland Security’≥ Task Force on Critical Infrastructure Protection where his research was applied to evolving federal government and homeland security policies while helping make the business case for infrastructure security investment by the private sector.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the coverage - thought your readers might enjoy a peak at our Google Maps mashup - http://blog.fortiusone.com . Demo and API will be out soon.


sean gorman