October 03, 2006

Yahoo! to open up Yahoo Mail API to programmers and mashers

Yahoo announced at Yahoo Hack Day that they'll open Yahoo Mail, so programmers can develop extensions and new interfaces for Yahoo Mail. The new API, that will be available later this year, will use Yahoo's browser-based authentication.   Officials from Yahoo! (of the world's largest Internet media company) said on Friday it planned to give away the underlying code to Yahoo Mail. Here's a sample of what developers are thinking...  an app could allow e-mail users to use the photo stream of Yahoo's photo-sharing program Flickr to see visual clues of what's inside each e-mail. Mention of "cats" or "New York" would trigger relevant photos from Flickr. Can't wait to see what kind of sweet mashups come out of this! FYI, Yahoo! mail recently launched a beta AJAX version

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