October 13, 2006

Home Rental Property mapVine - free mashup service for property rentals

Dave over at the mapVine blog tells me about a newly developed free property mapping tool designed for the real estate sector. mapVine allows a web site owner to quickly create a map using Google Maps technology for their web site with little or no programming knowledge. Users setup a simple, free account and select a login/pw pair. then you simply start adding your rental listings. Currently the service is only for US properties but maybe that will expand down the road. You can check out the mashup and register to post at http://www.rentvine.com/map/. To test the waters I created a simple map using details of a property on craigslist.. see below... it took about 30 seconds for me to complete. Once done I'm provided with the code to embed the listing on my website... nice!

1 comment:

Dave Dugdale said...

Thanks for giving the map tool a test drive!

If anyone has suggestions on how to improve it or make it work better for your business type please let me know.

Dave Dugdale