October 12, 2006

looking for GIS RFPS.. save your cash and go to Merx or fedbizopps

Looking for GIS / Geospatial RFPs and bids? Its quite funny but there's people out there actually paying $$ for geo bids services... what are they getting? All they get for xx$$ a month are RFPs that are listed on public bid sites. I'll save you some cash. You can get them for yourself at www.merx.com (Canada) and fedbizzopps for the US see http://www.fedbizopps.gov/.. save your cash! I can only assume that the people paying for this free service are the same ones that keep on buying free data ;0) Speaking of free data.. here's an updated list of links to most of the State GIS clearinghouses.. enjoy! See http://gisdata.blogspot.com/2006/10/updated-state-data-centers-and.html

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Anonymous said...

Does fedbizzopps have ALL RFPS - state and local too? I think not, but you are the expert. Frankly, I like that someone not on my staff collects all this stuff for us. It's worth the cost for us.