October 04, 2006

Multimap offering up a sweet Wi-Fi hotspot finder

This comes from Multimap... a great way to find out if you'll have Wi-Fi while on the road. You will be Guided to Your Nearest Wi-Fi Hotspots!
WeRoam’s customers can find their nearest Wi-Fi hotspots, for almost any address in Europe and North America, and access interactive maps showing their exact locations, together with the hotspots available in a given neighbourhood. The service is available on www.weroam.com by simply clicking on the Hotspot Directory Service link on the home page. The user can click down to the desired hotspot using the interactive geographic map finder or use Multimap’s real-time geocoding engine. To use the latter, the user selects the country of interest, enters a street address and city, and/or postal code. The Hotspot Directory Service then delivers a list of the nearest Wi-Fi hotspots fitting the user’s specifications, with full contact details and a link to a Multimap interactive, street-level map which represents their respective locations as icons. Full contact details plus information about supported authentication modes appear beneath the map delivered. This one is a nice score!

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