October 03, 2006

Real estate and lessons learned

My latest dealings in real estate are teaching me loads about business. Actually, I've always applied many of these principles to things that I do, however, the experience has showed me that there's many things you need to keep in mind in a real estate deal that you should also apply to your business. Most noteworthy:
- stay informed and do as much research as possible before you make any rash decisions
- got a tough decision to make... sleep on it if possible then decide
- if there's something that others may percieve as a negative, tkae a hard look at the situation and put a positive spin on it
- hiring a contractor... interview atleast 3 of them before you jump in
- be careful when doing business with friends
- use technology... in a competitive environment the one who adopts technology to get a competitive advantage will win
I cold go on and on but I've watched about 27 innings of baseball today and I'm now rambling a bit... go Padres!

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