November 10, 2006

Geoconnections annual report 2006 available - state of the Canadian Geospatial Data Infrastructure

GeoConnections was formed in 1999 to develop the Canadian Geospatial Data Infrastructure (CGDI), an online resource that helps Canadians find, access, and share location-based data. Their Annual report now available at - You can learn more about GeoConnections and how it is helping Canadians tackle some of the country’s most pressing challenges. The program’s 2005-2006 annual report, available now, delves into this topic—and many more, including:
· The growth and importance of location-based information
· The Canadian Geospatial Data Infrastructure (CGDI)
· GeoConnections’ 2005–2006 achievements
· Priority area overviews and success stories
· Projects and partners
· Financial and operating highlights from 2005 to 2006
· GeoConnections funding opportunities

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