November 08, 2006

the Ultimate KML tool?

I was serching around this evening (using the spanky GIS data search engine I created using Google coop tool) and noticed an interesting Google ad that got my attention. It read "The ultimate KML Tool" (I was searching for "kml" related information. The ultimate kml tool it was referingn too was The selling point the ad is making is that you can create custom google Earth layers and why pay more for less... interesting ad and i must admit I didn't realize that writes out to KML. What's your ultimate KML tool??

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Anonymous said...

Looks like the market for KML tools is heating up. For example, The Carbon Project just released source code for a KML/KMZ + just about anything else viewer called Gaia 3...

"Gaia 3 runs on Microsoft Windows and can seamlessly use a vast array of location content and services – including services from Microsoft Virtual Earth, Yahoo! Maps, OSGeo MapGuide Open-Source, Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) WMS, WFS, WCS and file formats such as Google Earth KML/KMZ, Geography Markup Language (GML), ESRI Shapefiles, Autodesk and MapInfo formats and more. Gaia 3 also supports geospatial-notes with digital pictures and custom map symbols that can be embedded in the content. "