November 03, 2006

off topic - Google video delivers HNL games

Ok, this is off topic but its so totally awesome I have to boast about it to those of you who aren't aware of it. HNL games are now available for FREE viewing via google Video. You can't watch them live but after a delay of 48 hours you can sign in and sit back to watch a game that you may have missed. Imagine, sitting around an airport you can access the service using your WiFi enabled laptop (hey, i can even use my new WiFi enabled Nokia N80 smartphone) and watch a game.. this is sweet! Many of you Southerners may not relate but those of us north of 49 are drooling after this one! Simply jump to, select your favorite team, and pipck a game. you can them watch the full game in about 1:5 hours (no commercials!) So now I can catch all the Canuck games when I move to Colorado... nice!

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