November 06, 2006

Top ten tornado prone metro cities

This tidbit of interest to your storm chasers... Boston-based CDS Business Mapping, LLC a leader in online hazard mapping announced its list of the top ten tornado prone metro cities.  This list is based on the RiskMeter Online’s Tornado Model, which predicts the severity of tornadoes for any location in the Continental United States.  According to a report just released by the RiskMeter Online, the following top ten tornado prone metro-cities are as follows:
1.) Aurora, CO (100)
2.) St. Petersburg, FL  (92)
3.) Houston, TX (90)
4.) Hollywood, FL (87)
5.) Sioux Falls, SD (72)
6.) Little Rock, AR (72)
7.) Dallas, TX (69)
8.) Ames, IA (63)
9.) Oklahoma City, OK (62)
10.) Bloomington, IL (59)

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