December 11, 2006

Holiday cards, PCI celebrates, and my intro to GIS

Well those electronic Christmas (errrr Holiday cards) are coming in at a brisk pace... have you done yours yet? Just received one from the crew at PCI Geomatics who mention that 2007 will be their 25th year serving the GIS community... nice! My roots actually go back to PCI geomatics in that I got my start in the industry in the late 1980's from friend and mentor Vern Klassen in Victoria BC. Vern owned a consulting firm (LANDIS) and was once involved with PAMAP GIS, a product that was developed by PCI (correct me if I'm wrong). Vern gave me a great opportunity through an internship and introduced me to the business of GIS and helped me get up and running with all the great software back then including PAMAP GIS, Terrasoft, and AutoCAD (r. 10 I think). Tragically, the industry lost Vern way too soon but he left his mark with many of us and he provided loads of people with some fantastic opportunities as well as the pleasure of knowing a great human... I also met my wife thanks to my job with Vern! Anyway, kudos to PCI and thanks for the great technology.

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