December 11, 2006

Joining the YouTube craze - how to use YouTube with your blog

I have to admit, I'm anxious to start publishing more video online, nothing personal but in my opinion Video is it! Why "everyone" is podcasting and streaming audio files all over the web is a mystery to me (although taking podcasts on the road with your iPod is indeed likely useful to many when they travel - personally I prefer music on mine!) when a short video is WAY more useful, compelling, and fun! Given that pretty much every smartphone has video capabilities, PCs come with mixing software out of the box, and publishing video files online via Google Video, YouTube, mySpace and other social communities is a breeze. So, if this is your bag and you want to start adding video to your blog, check out this decent primer offered up by blogger Alan Williamson - its very basic but a good place to start - see - So what's your preference, audio or video?? See also - How powerful is publishing via Google Video? As an example, my son and his friends (aka. Team Ollie) published a skateboard video titled "Sk8 for Life" a few months back whish has been seen more than 36,000 times... not bad for some young kids armed with skateboards, a video camera and use of a PC. You can check it out at be sure to crank up your sound ;0)

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