December 28, 2006

More on UNI GIS Program postponed at Malaspina University

Earlier I mentioned in a post about UNI GIS no longer being served via Malaspina University in B.C, Canada...I'd like to share with you an update I received from Prof. Dr. Josef Strobl, GIS Centre for GeoInformatics * Salzburg University - a UNI GIS partner. Dr. Srobl explained that Malaspina last year had launched multiple GIS programs simultaneously. Due to lagging registration. He notes that the distance learning offering (UNIGIS) was postponed and is currently being reconsidered under a modified framework. There might be some news regarding an international, joint-study program sometime soon. Regarding the initial transfer of the program from Simon Fraser (SFU) to MAL U, this took place as a result of the retirement of Tom Poiker from the SFU GIS program. A former student of his, Doug Corin, took over the reigns from the UNI GIS partnership by incorporating it into his offerings from the Malaspina GIS department. There is no hard feelings or no story behind the scenes according to Dr. Strobl (good to know) - Thanks again to Dr. Strobl for keeping us informed of this.

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