December 28, 2006

UNIGIS no longer at Malaspina University

UNIGIS no longer at MAL U... I just noticed the following message posted on the Malaspina University GIS website thanks to a tip from a reader - The UNIGIS program is not being offered at this time. Malaspina is reviewing the program delivery mode and will be updating this information in the coming months. I'm not sure if this will be a permanent position or not, however, my gut feeling is that there may be some tension there. I recall last year when the program switched from Simon Fraser University (I believe) over to Malaspina. MAL U obviously wanted to promote the new program, however, UNIGIS (or was it SFU)  was not very cooperative in notifying people that the program has switched (rather odd). A search on UNIGIS will lead you to  the following website at SFU - - but the page does not tell you anything about the program changing and that its  now being offered by Malaspina. Even stranger is the fact that the UNIGIS website actually still refers people to SFU on the how to join page and doesn't mention Malaspina unless you jump to  For more on this See Malaspina's GIS page at

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