December 17, 2006

NFL Today, Google Earth and the Arizona Cardinals Stadium

Nice to see CBS making use of Google Earth on the NFL Today show as we got a great segway usinng "Earth" to take us to a commentary on today's Arizona Cardinal vs Denver Broncos game. Of note, if your interested in seeing all about how the new state of the art stadium was built for teh Cardinals then you HAVE to see this awesome article published recently in The American Surveyor Magazine... you don't have to be a land surveyor to enjoy this one! Have you been to the stadium? Is it as amazing as it looks? A retractable field... that's incredible! In case you aren't familiar with it, the field actually rolls outside for maintenance etc... and is then slid back in for games... absolutely incredible. BTW, even though I'm now a Colorado resident, my pick for today is for the Cardinals to winn by 3... sorry Broncos. For a long range pick, I'm now officially on the N'oreleans Saints bandwagon hoping they'll make it to the Super Bowl. Have a great game day ya'll!


James Fee said...

The roof sucks because they always close it before kickoffs, the grass doesn't want to grow on the movable tray and the sound system could be worse than just about any stadium built since 1972.

From the outside it is an impressive building, but behind that sexy exterior, it is a lemon.

From Today's Arizona Republic: Stadium fails to live up to billing

Jason Birch said...

You're never getting your drivers' license now :)