December 16, 2006

An update about life on the front Range

An update about life on the front Range... just s weeks into my new Colorado lifestyle and I'm already being affected by immigration dealings! Just yesterday I went to trade in my BC drivers license for  a Colorado license. Low and behold, due to the Swift meat packing immigration bust this past week in Greeley, CO it seems that the laws are now unclear as to how you can obtain a license here if you come from out of state. At the heart of the legal battle is whether people are required to produce one or two supporting pieces of ID.. personally, since ID theft is such a huge issue this is a no-brainer.. maybe 3 pieces would be in order! Anyway, I was turned away because the entire State decided that no State ID or drivers licenses would be issued on Friday. Now I guess I'm looking forward to standing in line for hours next week (if this gets resolved) with a boatload of out of State folks like me who got turned away. Otherwise, things in NOCO are awesome!

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