December 27, 2006

Updated 3D textured cities from Microsoft's Virtual Earth

Just spotted at Virtual Earth, some newly updated 3D textured cities. These include Minneapolis, MN, St. Paul, MN, Tacoma, WA, Irving, TX, Sacramento, CA. and parts of L.A. These textured cities are quite clever and will give you the feeling that you're actually looking at some high-res, low altitude aerial imagery. Apparently the technology and expertise for these textures comes out of Microsoft's Boulder, CO (think Vexcel). This is way cool! Source of inspiration for this update is - please note, these data were updated on Dec. 19 so I don't really need to hear any smack from you eagle-eyes who want to keep ripping on me for posting "old" stuff ;0)


Michael Mendel said...

Glenn, you are so late on that news. ;)

GISPro said...

Nice Glenn, welcome to last week.