December 11, 2006

VanMap Mapguide site gets serious update with 2006 Orthophotos , webcams, and 2010 Olympic Venues

Jonathan and crew, developers of the popular VanMap (you know, the amazing MApguide application from the City of Vancouver, BC, Canada) has just announced some updates. Most notably, access to 2006 ortho photography for Vancouver or how about more updates on 2010 Olympic venues... NICE!
- 2006 Orthophotos - The area covered in 2006 includes the City, the University Endowment Lands, Sea Island (YVR), and parts of Richmond and North Vancouver
- Olympic venues where double-clicking on a venue site will take you to a web site with further information.
Some other cool things I like... a Graffiti layer showing areas that have had a Graffiti By-law infraction.
- School Catchment Areas.
- Traffic Web Cams.
- Child Care Facilities
There's also an updated, comprehensive did-u-know area (aka FAQ)
You can check these out at VanMap at

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Anonymous said...

I'm glad to see this info posted. For those that don't know, the new aerial imagery was produced by McElhanney Consulting Services Ltd in Vancouver. The orthos are 10cm colour. Our website, also has the orthos, along with the orthos for the rest of the Greater Vancouver Regional District, which are free to browse!