January 25, 2007

Conduit - Immersive 3D Viewing of Google Earth

Just announced this week, VRCO Conduit(TM) for Google Earth(TM) Pro Enables High-Resolution, Motion-Tracked Stereo Viewing Driven by PC Clusters. Imagine standing in a room and a large, 3D display on your wall flies you through a cave or a canyon, courtesy of Google Earth Pro... essentially extending Google Earth's display from your PC and onto your wall... its way cool! Imagine this (from the developer)... With Conduit for Google Earth Pro, applications can leverage ultra-high resolution stereoscopic display capability and a range of advanced 3D visualization features. The Conduit middleware package enables a desktop application, like Google Earth Pro, to natively drive advanced visualization environments. This maximizes the potential insight and data interpretation accuracy, since stereoscopic viewing provides a realistic sense of depth that is especially useful when experiencing spatially complex datasets. Conduit makes it possible to use the multiple graphics outputs of PC clusters to drive the multiple projectors used for large-scale walls or walk-in immersive rooms, creating life-size experiences that completely fill peripheral vision and engage more of the senses. The Conduit package supports ultra-high resolution displays, using a series of tiled projectors or new 4096 x 2160 native projection technology, such as the Sony SXRD projector that forms the core of Fakespace's Beacon 8MP stereoscopic PowerWall™ display system. It also enables user motion tracking that provides real-time, realistic perspectives as the viewer physically moves around when viewing the data. For intuitive navigation and manipulation of models, the middleware enables the use of wireless virtual wands, gloves and joysticks either on the desktop or in large-scale displays. Check out the video demonstration available at www.mechdyne.com

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