January 19, 2007

LookLocal mashup from Idelix.. the best of Google maps, Yahoo! Local, and Windows Live Local using one interface

I recall first hearing about the initial Beta last year and thought to myself... WOW... I can't wait to see where this one goes from here. Well the Idelix Crew in Vancouver BC has expanded the LookLOCAL app in the form of Beta 2. Simply put, imagine searching for directions, a business listing, traffic conditions etc... using one application where you can toggle your map view between services provided by Google maps, Yahoo! Local, or Windows Live Local. Now add to that even more functionality provided by an embedded birds-eye window that embeds the Idelix pliable display technology so you can zoom in on an area of interest within the birds-eye window. Forget about zooming in, waiting for a refresh etc... you can also toggle on/off satellite imagery within the birds-eye window... SWEET! When searching for a business (e.g.. Starbucks in Seattle) the hits are displayed on the side-bar in a very neat, organized manner. This mashup is awesome! Try it for yourself at http://looklocal.idelix.com

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