February 08, 2007

measurements from your photos courtesy of iPhotoMeasure

A reader just sent me a tip on a way cool application that enables you to measure anything simply by using the app and a photo captured with any digital camera - even a cell phone. From the jkontherun weblog, a detailed description of the iPhotoMeasure application. Essentially, what you do is place a "digitarget" onto the scene that you'll be capturing with the photo.. essentially calibrating the image scene. Then the application software uses the digitarget to calibrate, register, and provide accurate measurements of items in your scene... very cool! See the detailed write-up at http://jkontherun.blogs.com/jkontherun/2007/02/how_to_measure_.html - see the iPhotoMEasure app at http://www.iphotomeasure.com/index.asp

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