February 08, 2007

ER mapper Image Compressor Webinar reminder

At 3pm (EST) on 7th March, ER Mapper will hold a web seminar launching the Image Compressor product.  George Davis, ER Mapper Technical Manager, will host the seminar that will demonstrate the features of the Image Compressor.  After the seminar, users will have the opportunity to discuss the Image Compressor with George on ER Mapper's forum. A trial version of the new app will also be available for download from the company's website - www.ermapper.com - more details on the app at http://www.gisuser.com/content/view/10784/ - about Image compressor - Set for release on the 7th March, ER Mapper Image Compressor is a cost-effective desktop application for high-speed JPEG 2000 or ECW image compression. A key feature of Image Compressor is its high-speed image compression to the open standard JPEG 2000 format.

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