February 05, 2007

Super Sunday - do you remember the nuvi, Garmin Man, and maposaurus?

I hope you had a fun Super Sunday and managed to make it into the office this morning without a head-ache! Yesterday's game was full of firsts including the first Super Bowl commercial devoted to a consumer GPS product, this came courtesy of Garmin. If you saw the game do you recall seeing the animated ad featuring Garmin Man and the Maposaurus? (see http://www.gisuser.com/content/view/10746/) I'm not sure if this message is going to kick-start consumer mapping and GPS, however, it was cool to see Geospatial technologies going prime-time once again... things can't be that bad if Garmin has the cash available for such a promotional placement - FYI, the ad was promoting the Garmin nuvi. My most memorable commercial spots have to be the Budweiser "fist bump is out", Doritos "clean up on aisle 6", and the Sprint "Connectile Dysfunction" spots... too funny! Oh, the Dave and Oprah love-in spot was pretty good too! What was your favorite Super Bowl moment? Mine had to be the final score and the Bears screwing up on pretty much every turn-over that they should have taken advantage of. Manning getting the MVP was second best although the Colts RB duo likely deserved it as well.

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