February 02, 2007

WhereCamp 2007 Europe... an EU masher event

I think anyone would be hard-pressed to "replace" O'reilly Media's Where 2.0 - since its a totally spectacular event! - however, an ambitions group in Europe is in the planning stages of what others have billed as an "alternative" to Where 2.0 - after all its a long way from Europe to San Jose and the cost of the event is a bit staggering as well (roughly $1500 clams!). From the promoter of WhereCamp... WhereCamp is an alternative, low-cost conference for geohackers, to be held in London, UK, in summer 2007. For more about what wherecamp is see http://grault.net/wherecamp/2007/?What_Is_WhereCamp. A great idea... calling it a replacement to Where 2.0 is a stretch though... best of luck to the organizers.

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